Finally! Get The Website You Need
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Not Sure If Squarespace Is Right For You?
In This Webinar, You Will Learn...
When Squarespace
Is Right For You
Travis has designed on many platforms for a variety of industries. You'll learn when Squarespace is your right choice.
When Squarespace
Is Wrong For You
Rather than finding out halfway through making your website, don't you want to know which platform to even start on?
Your Next Steps
(And How To Start)
Regardless which platform you use, this webinar lays out some next steps for you to take (and even a free resource to get you started!)
“Travis Sinks is a Squarespace wizard.”
-Steven Lee
“I was looking for someone that really knew SquareSpace as it is not as easy to use as it advertises itself to be… I am constantly impressed by his knowledge of SquareSpace and many of the other things I need on the web. I have happily referred others to him and they are equally impressed and happy with his services."
-Merle Yost, LMFT
“I've got so much going on… And I'm not a tech guy… But with your help [from these tutorials] I was able to get this [my website] up and running.”
-Tyrone Peterson
"Travis has taken my website to the next level and his work has clearly helped bring in more business for me."
-Thomas Faupl, LMFT, SEP
More Than Just A Website
At Elite Business Growth Solutions, we understand that your website isn't merely a brochure.

Your Website Is Your...
  • Digital office for prospects to visit
  • 1st Point Of Contact For Over Half Your Prospects
  • Online salesman
  • Verbal and visual representation of your business
  • Online "hub" of information
  • And so much more...
We Want Your Best Foot Forward
We've specifically designed these bundles after working with many of our own clients teaching them how to design and maintenance their own websites - and they've had great success! And we want the same for you.

There is so much content in these bundles that you'll never be able to say that we held anything back. Our videos cover from start to finish on designing and customizing a website that is best for you. And in our code bundle, you'll have easy access to our customization options that will make your website stand out as best in its industry.

So why wait?
Check Out Just A Couple Of The Websites We Built On Squarespace:
(All Using The Marquee Template - Renamed The "Basil" Template)
Redemption Church Delray Beach
The House Of Blessing
Mudpie Java
PRO TIP: Get The Custom Design Bundle $200 Off When Purchased With The Video Tutorials
Want Just The Video Tutorials? Click HERE
Video Tutorial Bundle For Squarespace Websites...
Squarespace (and really every "do it yourself" platform out there) isn't as friendly as people think. As a web designer for many years, I've seen people struggle over how to create a website.

Our 4 HOURS of custom videos are designed for people who want to get their website up and running - without needless days (and oftentimes weeks) of training, customer support, and Google searches that most people experience.

DISCLAIMER: I am a Squarespace Circle member, but I am not affiliated with Squarespace in any way.
Our Video Tutorial Bundle For Squarespace Includes...

Our 4 Hours Of Video Tutorials (And 1 PDF)
Are Designed To Get Your Website Up And Running Faster Than Ever!
  • Video 1: Getting Started And Creating Pages
  • Video 2: Adding Squarespace Blocks
  • Video 3: Designing Your Website
  • Video 4: Ecommerce
  • Video 5: Squarespace SEO
  • Video 6: Social Media Accounts
  • Video 7: Blogging
  • Video 8: Podcasting
  • Video 9: Blog And Podcast Display Pages
  • Video 10: Events Features With Practical Use Cases For Any Local Business
  • Video 11: How To Use Code In Squarespace
  • Video 12: Walkthrough For Every Single Squarespace Block
  • Video 13: Walkthrough For Every Single Squarespace Setting
  • Video 14: Website Walkthrough - Elite Business Growth Solutions (get ideas and tips from my most complemented websites)
  • Video 15: Website Walkthrough - Redemption Church Delray Beach (get ideas and tips from my most complemented websites)
  • PDF Guide: Maximize Your SEO - 8 Free Ways To Increase Your Search Engine Optimization
PRO TIP: Get The Video Tutorials $200 Off When Purchased With The Custom Design Bundle 
Want Just The Code Bundle? Click HERE
Custom Design Bundle For The Basil Template...
Squarespace is a wonderful platform, BUT where they can fall short is in built-in customization... Unless you know CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. (which I'm guessing you don't).

We've put together a custom design bundle just for you! This bundle includes all of the requests I've helped clients with over the years (and my additional favorites that I think should be on EVERY Squarespace website). We've done all the hard work so you can enjoy the benefits!

NOTE: Because of the way Squarespace templates are designed, the custom design bundle is specifically for the "Basil" template, which is requested by 99% of my clients (and my personal favorite).

DISCLAIMER: I am a Squarespace Circle member, but I am not affiliated with Squarespace in any way.
Our Custom Design Bundle For The Marquee Template Includes...

50 Blocks Of Copy-And-Paste Code (And 3 Tutorial Videos)
For You To Bring A Professional Look To Your Website:
The Must Haves:
  • Adjusting Logo Size
  • Keeping Text From Adding Unnecessary Hyphens
  • Linked Images Brighten When Hovered Over
  • Adjust Padding In Main Navigation
  • Decrease Padding For Logo In Nav Bar
The Most Requested:
  • Adjust Width For Banner Overlaid Text
  • Edit Footer Padding/Size
  • Remove Link Decoration From Footer - Underlines, Color, Etc
  • Adjust page to have less padding
  • Background Color For Specific Page Not In An Index
  • Background Color For Specific Page Within An Index
  • Custom Social Icons
  • Edit Padding Between Navigation Menu Items
  • Make Some Text Colored and others not
And Even More Copy-And-Paste Code:
  • Announcement Bar - Hide The Close Icon
  • Announcement Bar - Increase the size of the announcement bar
  • Announcement Bar - Make it Stay In Fixed Position
  • Announcement Bar - Make Link Boxed And Change Color On Hover
  • Banner - Add Outline To All Banner Text To Make Easier To Read
  • Banner - Add Outline To Banner Page Description To Make Easier To Read
  • Banner - Add Outline To Banner Page Title To Make Easier To Read
  • Banner - Add Padding To Banner Title
  • Banner - Add Shadow To Banner Text To Make Easier To Read
  • Banner - Hide Page Description
  • Banner - Hide Page Title
  • Blockquotes - Add Vertical Line to Left of Blockquote
  • Blockquotes - Adjust Margin For Blockquotes
  • Blockquotes - Align quote and author to left or right
  • Blockquotes - Change the color of blockquotes
  • Footer - Add a line separator at the top of footer
  • Footer - Remove Footer
  • General - Adjust Padding For Code Blocks
  • General - Adjust Page Content Padding
  • General - Remove specific page banner from within an index
  • Header - Center The Logo
  • Header - Hide The Page Description
  • Header - Hide The Page Title
  • Header - Remove Site Title And Logo
  • Images - Customize image captions
  • Images - Edit Padding For Images
  • Images - Image Changes To Different Image When Hovered Over
  • Images - Linked Images Go To Gray When Hovered Over
  • Misc - Add A Countdown Timer To Your Website
  • Misc - Custom Button Overlay On Hover
  • Misc - Smooth Scrolling for Anchor Links
  • Navigation Menu - Add Clickable Image to Navigation Menu
  • Text - Adjust Padding For Text Blocks
  • Text - Give background and border to text
  • Text - Give background to text
  • Text - Give border to text
Finally! Get The Website You Need. Without The Usual Headaches (Or Price Tag)
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