Google Ad Grants For Nonprofits

How Many People Could You Reach If You Had $120,000 In Ads That Only Cost Your Nonprofit $2,000?


Google Ad Grants For Your Nonprofit

Google offers 501c(3) nonprofits to receive $10,000 in Google Ad Credit per month! To get this grant, you have to go through their application process and follow their specific grant guidelines on ad creation and management.

How It Helps

Why Google Is So Important

Google not only is the go-to online search engine, but it’s specifically where people go when they are looking for the help your nonprofit provides and to join causes that your group helps with! There are many nonprofits (maybe even yours) who are almost invisible on Google! Google Ad Grants guarantees you a front page spot.

The Possibilities

4 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Google Ad Grants

With $10,000 in ads per month, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few examples of ways we’ve seen Google Ad Grants work and how it can help your nonprofit.

Raise Awareness

One of the beautiful things about Google Ad Grants is that it’s not limited to a specific area. We can raise awareness about your cause and the work you do on a national and even global scale.

Local Events

Your nonprofit is probably already putting on (or at least participating in) local events in your community: why not promote them? You can get incredible traffic and exposure and help become a community staple by helping people see all the things you’re doing in your area.

Local Resources

Every nonprofit wants to be a resource to their community. But it’s hard to get these resources where they’re needed if people can’t find them. Make your resources findable by advertising them on Google through your Google Ad Grant.

PR Campaigns

Your nonprofit is contributing valuable services and education to your community, but most people probably don’t know about it. By advertising the things you do and essentially creating your own press releases through Google ads, you can get massive traction in the community you serve.

Your Nonprofit

How We Will Help Your Nonprofit In This Process


Initial Setup

We will set up your Google Ad Grants on your behalf and an initial 3 campaigns (for example: your Sunday services, Weekly Groups, and an upcoming outreach).


Ongoing Grant Maintenance

Google Ad Grants requires you stay within their ongoing maintenance guidelines. We will ensure these requirements are kept in order to keep your account active.


Additional Campaigns

We can add additional Google Ad campaigns to your account for a one time set up fee.

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